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Horticultural Careers

Why should you consider a future in the Horticulture field?


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A career in Horticulture provides opportunites to work with natural products that protect and improve the environment. Plants help purify our air and water, guard against erosion, and provide shelter, warmth, cooling effects, windbreaks and food. Professionals in the nursery/landscape industry help bring these benefits to the public in a variety of ways. For those interested in pursuing horticultural careers, a wide variety of interests and educational/employment experience is valuable to the industry. 

Some of the career paths available to those working within the green industry are:

  • -Agricultural sciences
  • -Business administration
  • -Biology
  • -Agronomy
  • -Forestry
  • -Horticulture
  • -Soil management
  • -Mechanics
  • -Marketing
  • -Advertising
  • -Communications
  • -Sales
  • -Retailing
  • -Landscape design
  • -Educational research
  • -Packaging
  • -Transportation


The American Nursery & Landscape Association predicts that the green industry will continue to produce attractive job openings for college graduates and technical or two-year school students. To learn more about Horticulture Careers click here.