Membership Dues

Membership Categories and Dues Tables

Businesses may join TNLA as Single Outlet, Multiple Outlet – Primary, Multiple Outlet - Outlet, or Out of State Members. In these cases, all employees of the member business are entitled to all appropriate member benefits. Some individuals are eligible to join TNLA as Associate, Educator/ Student, or Government Employee Members. Use the information below to determine your membership type and dues amount.

Single Outlet Business Membership: For businesses in Texas with facilities located in no more than one TNLA region as defined by the TNLA regions map. (See Business Member Rate Table.)

Multiple Outlet Business: Businesses operating facilities located in multiple TNLA regions as defined by the TNLA regions map and having total common ownership must have at least one TNLA Business Membership in each TNLA region where a facility exists. Complete an application for the facility you want to designate as the Primary Business Member (Primary Business Member rates are per Business Membership Rate Table) and then complete additional Outlet Business Membership applications as required ($90.00 each) Multiple Outlet Businesses must also join Outlet Business Members in each TNLA region where they operate a facility other than the region of the Primary Business Member. Outlet Business Member dues are $90 per outlet.

Out of State Membership: For businesses that do not have facilities in Texas. ($325.00)

Government Employee Membership: For individual employee of any government entity that does not sell horticultural products or services. Employees of government entities that sell horticultural product or services can only join as business members. ($25.00)

Educator/Student Membership: For individual educator or student. ($10.00)

Associate Membership: For individual who is employed by a business member, or for an individual employed by a business which does not qualify for any other type of membership. ($90.00)

Each In-State Business Member is allowed one vote in each region that they have a Single Outlet Business Membership, Primary Business Membership, or Outlet Business Membership. Out of State Memberships, Government Employee Memberships, Educator/Student Memberships, and Associate Memberships are non-voting membership types.


Membership Period is March 1st through the end of February

Gross Annual Sales in Texas

(Includes all sales at all locations in Texas) 

                   Gross Annual Sales in Texas                                                                 

       Annual            Dues     

 Pro-rated Dues

         Joining                Mid-Aug - Jan     

Less than $250,000 annually



Between $250,000 and $750,000 annually

$525 $263

Between $750,000 and $1.5 million annually

$630 $315

Between $1.5 million and $3.5 million annually

$950 $475

Between $3.5 million and $6 million annually

$1,275 $638

Greater than $6 million annually

$1,575 $788














Outlet, Associate, Government Employee, Educator and Student Dues are not prorated.

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